Top 8 Bug Tracking Tools
October 12, 2021

Top 8 Bug Tracking Tools

Bugs are the bane of every software developer’s existence. They affect how well your product functions and its usability and user experience. This can translate to lost sales for businesses who invest time creating quality products on top of addressing any bugs that may arise from them with no reimbursement or compensation in return.

Bug Tracking Tools
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What is Bug Tracking?

A bug is an error found in your software, but not all are created equally. Some bugs need a quick fix, while others might require more work and attention from users as they’re harder to find with less information available. They are only discovered when people start experiencing frustrations due to their presence on our end product which makes us want nothing more than for those problems to go away. After all, who wants crappy user experiences, much less functional ones?


More proactivity

The Bug Tracking System is a great way to get a clearer picture of your team’s needs and when. With this tool, teams can better monitor their workflow and make room for proactive product testing by those on the lookout for bugs or other issues in software releases before they happen!
The benefits escalate from the peace of mind knowing that both new features AND old ones have been looked at thoroughly – leading towards happier customers with increased ROI due to less time wasted trying things unsuccessfully.

Deeper understanding

You will quickly get up-to-speed with the project and see where there may still be room for improvement. Using tools like the bug tracking system will help you quickly identify pain points that have been occurring so far.

Greater focus

Bug tracking systems help teams stay aligned and up-to-date on user needs. It clarifies which issues are already known or being worked on by individual departments, so there isn’t any confusion about what they need next! That’s why eliminating redundant reports is key to a successful system.

Better customer experience

Achieving a better user experience means the world to customers. Not only will they be able to work without bugs, but also with quicker updates and less wait time for new features or fixes! This is excellent news because it gives them peace of mind when using your project’s service in future transactions and ensures that those working on projects are proud of what goes into making each one so unique.

After all, Better customer experience = Greater sales volume.


1. Jira

Jira bug tracking tool
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Jira is an effective bug tracking and project management system for teams using agile methods. It allows users to visually capture and report on bugs while being customizable with filters that allow them to search through all issues or just certain types like coding-related ones. Jira also provides reports from different perspectives, so you know where your time goes best!

2. Planio

Planio is a popular project management software for both Agile and traditional development teams that enables you to easily manage your bugs, features, or roadmap in one place. It offers customizable fields with a powerful built-in bug tracking tool as well as easy search capabilities.

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Challenging managing projects is made easier by assisting every step from planning through execution without sacrificing quality – giving users peace of mind when they work hard on something great because everything has been planned out ahead perfectly.

3. Bugzilla

Bugzilla is an open-source bug tracking system developed by the Mozilla team. It has been around since 1998, and it’s one of the most well-known tools out there, especially among large corporations who need to track everything from bugs down to how long someone spent on something for performance metrics or other such things.

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Bugzilla’s simple UI allows anyone without technical skillset requirements when using this product, making affordability easier still, as does its ease level – everyone can use them even if they’re starting their career!

4. MantisBT

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MantisBT is a basic, open-source issue tracker that requires little to no configuration and can track bugs or general team collaboration. You have the option of changing access control on an individual project basis–as well as taking advantage of notifications and UI add-ons like those explicitly designed with mobile usage in mind! Its pros include easy customizability with limited reporting features; a freeware license makes it possible for everyone from small teams up through corporations to get their copy without significant financial investment.

5. Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a popular bug tracker/project management tool designed for Agile teams. It ensures that you see your bugs in the context of your entire project, and it has plenty of integrations with tools like Slack, Zapier, or even GitHub, so there’s no need to worry about missing anything important! The dashboard itself is relatively easy enough to understand (even if some users may find themselves overwhelmed), but what makes this software great? Besides its flexibility which allows multiple projects on one account – all without costing an arm & leg; they’ve also included basic features such as managing deadlines. So basically, everything is essential without having any hidden payments attached.

6. Trac

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Trac is open-source software that provides developers with all the tools they need to manage their projects and issues. It can also be used for document management and its wiki feature, which allows you to organize bugs by task or file link them together too! The minimalist design makes it easier than ever before while keeping things simple enough, even if this isn’t something new on your radar because there are no flashy graphics here – only helpful information at hand when needed most.

7. Lighthouse

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Lighthouse is a bug tracking system designed for teams of all sizes. It allows you to easily submit bugs from emails and Tender while also using goals or milestones to plan future releases. The simplicity makes it easy easy-to-use whether your team works under Agile methodology or not; however, there are some limitations when compared against more advanced solutions like JIRA.

8. Usersnap

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Usersnap is a visual feedback tool that allows you to take screenshots and make captions on the browser. The interface was designed with non-technical people in mind, making it easy for them to share their thoughts about web projects from anywhere at any time – even when they’re not online!

Bottom line:

Bugs will always be a part of software development. But it doesn’t have to hinder your productivity! Building a workflow and bug tracking tool that aligns with how you work as an organization is the best way for those pesky bugs to stay out of control, not infest all over again.