Top 5 Tools for Embedding Instagram Feed on Your Website
October 6, 2021

Top 5 Tools for Embedding Instagram Feed on Your Website

When we talk about social media, no one can miss Facebook and Instagram. Both of these social media platforms have seen tremendous growth over the last two decades and have gone from a few thousand to more than a billion registered users on each. According to the business insider news outlet, Facebook saw its peak growth period in the west during the late 2000s and the initial 2010s and is now slowing down with an expected growth rate of just 0.8%-1% annually.

On the contrary, Instagram saw its boom period throughout the 2010s and is still not slowing down and seeing a pretty organic growth rate in 2021.

Due to this growing popularity, businesses of all sorts are trying to find various ways to embed the Instagram feed on their websites using widgets. There are several ways through which an embedded Instagram feed can help businesses grow. Some of which include:-

  • It gives an aesthetic appeal to your website.
  • Exponential business growth is observed.
  • It helps to keep your customers hooked to your website.
  • Useful to save time for uploading your latest content by syncing with Instagram.
  • It helps to manage all your content.
  • It gives a boost to the number of page visitors.

Since we have discussed all this, let us move ahead and discuss the top 5 tools you can use to install Instagram feed on your website and boost your business:-

1. Instagram official embedding

Instagram offers all of its users a plugin that can sync Instagram directly with their websites. Thus, eliminating any other foreign embedding app and keeping the job at home. This feature works particularly well for WordPress. It is the most trustworthy app and service you can get to embed your posts directly from your Instagram account to your website.

Instagram official embedding
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Instagram official embedding provides you with all the insights you need to view the customer growth or other states. It also helps you to achieve a higher conversion rate as it is the most popular one that allows you to configure all your accounts via the same platform—providing a clean, transparent, and unique process.

2. Tagembed

Tagembed is a social media aggregator rated highly because of the numerous services it can provide to its clients free of cost. It provides an efficient and smooth experience with linking and syncing your Instagram account with your website and displays all of your content on your website. It helps you grow your business, boost your revenue, increase your visitors, generate more traffic, and several other features that make it second to none for custom-built social media aggregators.

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You can customize your feed, change your posts, edit them and play with many other features if you choose Tagembed. It doesn’t even require you to know how to code, as it offers a no-coding simplistic approach towards uploading all of your Instagram data directly on your website. And suppose you are an analytical person who likes to view the stats of all the movements around your business. In that case, Tagembed is just the thing built for you as it provides a transparent analytical panel displaying every activity on your account.

3. Instagram feed WD

Instagram feed WD is an easy-to-use social media aggregator. It allows users to upload feeds directly from their Instagram accounts to their websites and even hashtag feeds to mark any occasion. The unique selling point of Instagram feed WD is that it is SEO usable, which means that it optimizes the best search results from your feed to maximize your business growth.

Instagram feed WD
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It also provides a very vivid and complex variety of themes throughout to give the user a very fabulous look by setting up their very own customizable theme and layout. It holds a free and a paid version as well. The free version provides you with every tool you will ever need to boost your business, but you can do much more with the premium features. Its premium features include lightbox effects and comments, video and filmstrip, conditional filters, customizable themes, etc.

4. Taggbox

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Taggbox is a one of its type user-generated content platform that allows the user to enhance their websites directly from their Instagram feed. It is one of the most trustworthy services you can lay your hands on because of the effectiveness of the services it gives and its ability to make your website look more appealing to the user’s eyes.
Users are of prime importance to a website as they decide the business growth, and Taggbox makes good use of it because it keeps your users engaged with the customizable feed they create for you. In turn, it is generating a good amount of that traffic revenue. Its premium version is worth it as it provides instant service to its users and has an excellent return rate. It is compatible with many web-building platforms like HTML, Wix, Shopify, etc. However, one of the setbacks might be that it comes with a limited 2 weeks trial period.

5. Snapwidget

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It is a newly launched social media aggregator but works just as fine as any other on the list. Snapwidget is a social media aggregator that links your Instagram account to your business website and helps you improve your feed via researching through the hashtags you use. After which, it gathers all the pictures, videos, and content you can get to display them on a gorgeous-looking, aesthetic, social media page on your wall. It offers a small array of features on its free erosion, which can be upgraded to premium but saves your time by providing instant upload, which uploads all of your recent Instagram posts on your website. However, sometimes it can be frustrating as it takes a few minutes to do a simple job.