Tiktok Hashtags: Mistakes You Make While Choosing Them
October 6, 2021

Tiktok Hashtags: Mistakes You Make While Choosing Them

Hashtags play a significant role in the number of likes and comments on your post.

Many people dream of getting popular and noticed on platforms like TikTok, with as many as 500 million active users.

Nevertheless, it can be possible for anyone to become famous overnight. For this to happen, you must follow some specific things in the right way, including hashtags.

Tiktok Hashtags: Mistakes
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Hashtags can assist you in growing your account and followers. But correctly using them is a critical aspect.

To help you with this, in this article, we will discuss some of the major mistakes you make when you select hashtags for your post.

Using Hashtags That Has High Frequency

Hashtags can be of three types:

  • Low-Frequency Hashtags: These hashtags are rarely used in TikTok or any other platform. They have over 5,000 to 10,000 views.
  • Medium Frequency Hashtags: These hashtags are used often and have views over 10,000 to 100,000 views.
  • High-Frequency Hashtags: These Hashtags are the most-searched tags. They have views of over 100,000 per video.

People often make these mistakes because they think using high-frequency hashtags will help them gain more views, likes, or comments.

Instead, they increase traffic which leads to lesser views than you predict. Here’s better advice that you should use: mix the types of hashtags.

Avoiding Trending Hashtags

Trending Hashtags that can help you draw a lot of attention, but using them on time and in the correct manner takes effort.

For this, you need to stay updated on the latest trends on TikTok.

You can find such hashtags on your pages and the Discovery pages of TikTok. By using them, you can have a lot of followers and views.

Using Unrelated Hashtags

Using unnecessary hashtags is one of the major mistakes that people make nowadays. Yes, all the hashtags should be different but not off-topic.

You might think it will bring you more likes and views, but it can also have the opposite results. It may lead to a large number of unnecessary competitions.

Whereas using proper hashtags can bring you many views, make sure to use less relevant and effective hashtags that can help you draw attention.

Using a Large Number of Hashtags

Using too many of them can bring unnecessary competition and a negative impact.

Appropriately using hashtags can be effective. Most probably, you should use 5 to 6 hashtags in one post.

You should search for proper and relevant hashtags that can help you track the effectiveness of your post.

Popular hashtags are better for reaching out to a large number of audiences. You should use hashtags that are suitable for your goals and content itself.

These are some Hashtags on Tiktok with a large number of views and posts. These are the best updated popular and trending hashtags that you can use in the future.

#foryou: .898T

#foryoupage: 1.097T

#fyp: 1.025T

#duet: 880.1B

#tiktok: 558.7B

#viral: 450.6B

Not Using Branded Hashtags And Hashtags Challenges

One of the errors people make is not using branded Hashtags. Try developing your own branded hashtags so that it would be easier for people to find you.

You can launch your hashtag challenges; it will help you create your own strong identity.

Hashtags challenges can include Dance Challenges or any other activity that you can create on TikTok.

Your brand can use them to create awareness, create more relatable content, and grow your TikTok community.

These are some Popular hashtags challenges going in 2021 on TikTok.








These are some TikTok challenges to inspire your next campaign. You can plan yours in the same way.
Believing that hashtags are guaranteed to Succeed

Some people think that using hashtags can make them popular overnight. This is not possible if your content is not up to the mark.

You see, content creators make different kinds of content on TikTok to get a large number of views. The same goes for rookie TikTokers; you need to work more on your content than on hashtags.

Hashtags can be a part of the road to popularity on TikTok, but you cannot gain popularity by hashtags alone.

If your content quality is good, the right kind of hashtags can bring you audiences and views.

Guide to Successful Hashtag Planning

Now let’s discuss some of the helpful tips that can help you to Use the right Kind of Hashtags:

Try to combine trending, popular, and niche hashtags. This can create a balanced approach towards both visibility and awareness.

Popular hashtags cannot always be a trend, so you need to do enough research to know what’s popular nowadays. Who knows, maybe you can create your new trend!

Start a TikTok challenge or contest to make your branded hashtags soar in popularity.

Try to add the essential hashtags to captions to boost your view number rather than using many unnecessary hashtags.

These tips should help you in the future with the right kind of TikTok hashtags. You can boost visibility, which will eventually translate into likes, follows, and even collaborations.


In the end, it is right to say that hashtags play a vital role in your number of views, likes, and comments, but you don’t have to depend solely on them.

You should be cautious about making zero mistakes when you want to use hashtags to reach your audience.

Resist creating errors like using a large number of hashtags, irrelevant hashtags, or only high-frequency hashtags. These mistakes will lead you to nowhere.

Do thorough research before applying hashtags to your post. Choose the right kind of hashtags that can help you gain more views and popularity.