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Are you looking for a safe and free web tool to download videos, Gif, Reels from Instagram online? If yes, you are in right place. This web tool is providing a video downloader facility online & free.

How to Use Our Online Video Downloader For Instagram?

To download reels or videos from Instagram, you need to follow these four easy steps. See their description below.

Step 1

Copy the URL of the desired video on Instagram. 

Step 2

Paste the URL in the field above. 

Step 3

Click on the “Download” button. 

Step 4 

Download the video in HD quality and enjoy!



Photos Downloader

The Instagram photo downloader is offered by is a great application for saving pictures from Instagram postings. With this web tool, you may grab a single picture as well as multiple Instagram images at once.

Videos Downloader

This web tool was established to provide you with the ability to download IG videos for any reason you choose. Video downloading is supported for single video or multiple movies from carousels.

IGTV Downloader

In the future, as an Instagram competitor, Facebook has started to use TV-type videos (known as “moving pictures”) on its platform. The social network giant launched IGTV – an extended video service – in August 2017. Since you can’t watch it now, you may download IGTV videos to your device and keep them for later watching without surfing them online.


Reel Downloader

The concept behind IGTV is similar to that of TikTok. Download Instagram REEL videos from You can use our Reel downloader to keep your favorite Reels videos.


Carousel / Album Downloader

The Carousel, also known as Album or Gallery posts, allows you to post several photos, videos, or mixed content. is the ideal tool for downloading Instagram galleries if you need to download numerous photographs from Instagram.


Are you worried about losing your Insta-content in case of an outage? Want to save some video from other influencers to keep forever? Here’s how it’s done via the best video downloader for Instagram:

The 2021 Facebook shutdown is over (for the time being), but collateral damage in the DNS outage brought the prominent but divisive social network down. Other Facebook-owned products, such as WhatsApp and Instagram, went dark as well, along with your memories. That’s why you should back up your social networks, even if they’re already in the cloud—for example, all of your Instagram photographs. We’ll demonstrate how.

But what about videos you’ve seen shared by others? Taking someone else’s video, following our instructions, and downloading videos for a good cause, you’ll be good to go. So, let us proceed with our IG Video Downloader.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can I save a video from Instagram?

With simple 3 steps, you can download IG Videos, Reels on our site.
Just copy the URL from IG and Paste it into our sites above area, and click on the Download button.

What type of file formats does support for downloading?

The most popular format for downloading pictures is the JPEG file type these days. The mp4 file type still holds the title as the most widely used globally, ensuring high quality and small video size.

What devices are compatible with the Downloader?

IG Video Downloader is compatible with every device with a web browser, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, PCs, and Macs. You may use Instagram Video Downloader on any device you want – even your smartphone or tablet! It’s also available on Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Linux. It has been used and is confirmed to work with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chromium desktop versions, as well as mobile versions.

Can I only download only a specific number of videos?

No. You can download as many videos and Instagram photos as you want whenever you need them.

Is it possible to use the Instagram video downloader without creating an account?

Yes, you can access our services without registration.

Can I Download Photos & Videos from Any User?

Yes! But only from public records

Where do I save files from?

The downloaded content is stored in your computer or mobile phone memory, so you may access it whenever you need to watch a video or look at photos offline later.

Supports The Most Popular Sources

You can check regularly updated supported sources list.