How to Use Instagram Quick Replies
September 30, 2021

How to Use Instagram Quick Replies

When it gets to Social Media platforms, Instagram is one of the most popular ones. For business accounts, Instagram DM’s is the most preferred way of communication by the customers. But many people may find it tiresome to reply to every single text. So, Instagram has come up with an option to send quick replies.

How to Use Instagram Quick Replies
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Instagram Quick Replies are ready-to-use template replies for swift communication. Many of you may be unaware of this feature. The reason is that it is available only in Business Accounts. Personal accounts do not have this feature. This Instagram Quick Feature allows you to answer general questions the customers ask without having to type them from scratch each time. Following a shortcut to send constantly long texts will make your work much more manageable.

Now, there are ample ways through which you are allowed to set up a Quick Reply which will not only help you communicate quickly and precisely but will also reduce the time you use to type out words and sentences.

Benefits of Quick Replies:

Quick replies are constructive for people in the medical or legal field since you need a very accurate reply. Plus, Quick replies make your work very simple. There won’t be any confusion to the people who receive it since the message will be sent in an obvious way.

The most frequently used Quick Replies are used for directions, contact information, order information, product description, etc.

Setting up An Instagram Quick Reply:

Instagram Quick Replies can be set up in four different ways. They are:

1. Set up an Instagram Quick Reply:

In order to create a new Quick Reply, log in to your Instagram Business Profile. Once it’s opened, you will notice a three-line button at the top right corner of the screen. Click on the button and select Settings from the slide-out list. And after that, choose the business option, and it will lead you to another slide-out list. Now, click on the Quick Replies option on the screen.

Set up an Instagram Quick Reply:
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If this is your first experience applying the Quick Replies feature, you definitely have to create one since the screen will be blank if you haven’t used this before. If you have used this feature, all of your saved Quick Replies will be on the screen and a plus sign on the top right corner, allowing you to add new quick replies.

Now, you will be navigated to another part of the screen where you will be asked to set quick replies. You are allowed to type in the message you want to use for a Quick Reply. And then, you can immediately save it, and hence you will find it in the Quick Replies list.

2. Create an Instagram Quick Reply from an existing message:

There is a chance for the people who used standard replies before figuring out about the Quick Replies feature. So, there’s an easy way to change all the previous replies into a Quick Reply for all the people who did that.

Create an Instagram Quick Reply from an existing message
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To change an existing text into a Quick Reply, Go into a particular DM and then tap and hold on to the text you want to convert. A small pop-up screen will be displayed when you do it, and you can tap on the Save Quick Reply option.

Once you choose the option, Instagram automatically adds the text into one of the Quick Reply. You can edit the particular text, or else you can directly save it.

3. Respond to a DM with an Instagram Quick Reply:

After adding replies in the Quick Reply option, it’s time to use them.

The Quick Reply option is mostly available only in the Instagram DM’s. If you want to use any of the Quick Replies, choose an Instagram DM and try to figure out what kind of Quick Reply is necessary in that place. Normally, a Quick Reply is saved using a shortcut to keep track of the type of replies. So, in the Instagram DM, type the quick reply keyword you have used as a shortcut.

Respond to a DM with an Instagram Quick Reply
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E.g., If you have used the term “Services” as your keyword for the Quick Reply, then type in the word. After that, you will notice a small comment bubble with three dots on it in the message box. Tap on that icon to paste the quick reply saved under that shortcut keyword, and that reply will be saved in your message box.

You can also edit the saved text in case you wish to make certain changes to it.

4. Edit an Instagram Quick Reply:

Now that you have created a few Instagram Quick Replies, it is now easy for you to edit or delete them.

When you open Quick Replies via settings, you will notice the slide out of the Quick Replies. In the list of Quick Replies, choose anyone and tap on it. You will find an Edit Quick Reply Screen with the old message and a shortcut. And after that, you are free to edit your replies and save them.

Edit an Instagram Quick Reply
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If you intend to remove a specific quick reply from the list, click on the red Delete Quick Reply Link from the screen, and your Quick Reply will be removed.