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How To Download Videos from Facebook

To download photos or videos from Facebook, you need to follow these four easy steps. See their description below.

Step 1

Copy the URL of the desired video on the FB web or on FB App. 

Step 2

Paste the URL in the field above. 

Step 3

Click on the “Download” button. 

Step 4 

Download the video in HD quality and enjoy!

Why Should You Use a Video Downloader For Facebook?

Multiple File Formats: 

You can now download it from Facebook using our downloader. This online tool allows you to save a video in a variety of file formats, depending on your needs.

Xpress Download Speed:

Are you exhausted, waiting for hours to get the downloadable links to your favorite video from Facebook? If yes, then this online utility works extremely fast.

Sound Quality and File Sizes: 

While using this free video download software, practically everyone considers the sound quality and file size. Our tool lets you select the sound quality and file size that best suits your needs.

Preview the File before Downloading:

When a user inputs the URL into this online tool, they will be given a playable preview of the video, which will allow them to validate whether or not it is the same clip they were hoping to download.

Are you looking for a service that allows you to download internet videos in high resolution for free from a variety of social media platforms?

Benefits of Using Video downloader for Facebook

Users are now saved from the hassle of searching the internet for different solutions to store videos online from several sources. With our downloader, you can save videos from any popular platform without any problem.

Video Sharing Across Multiple Platforms: 

Once a user has downloaded a video, they may quickly share the video’s URL with their friends or loved ones using this tool. Share your download URL to Facebook by clicking on different social platform buttons.

Use a QR code to share:

Our powerful online free video downloader includes features you may not find in other downloaders. We allow you to share the videos by simply scanning the QR code. 

Users do not need a special device or browser to use our powerful online downloader, as our tool is compatible with all devices. This internet service works well on all devices. You may rapidly download videos to your Android, Mac, or desktop computer using this online service.

No download limit: 

This downloader does not limit users to a certain quantity of video files they can download. You have complete freedom to download as many video files as you want from a variety of websites.

You don’t need to sign-up for this website to utilize our services.

Finding it challenging to save Facebook posts?

Downloading content from this website is a major deal, and when it comes to Facebook downloader tools, keep a few things in mind. So, whether you’re looking to download videos for company promotion or simply want to share them with your friends, the video downloaders for Facebook listed below are the ideal choice.

VideoDownloader.info is a web application that allows you to download Facebook photos and videos. It is simple to use on any platform, including a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Save/ Download Facebook posts:

A user no longer needs to waste time watching favorite videos online because they can save them to their device and watch them whenever they want without connecting to the internet.

This online video downloader is free and does not require users to create an account in order to download videos. You also do not have to spend anything in terms of money to download your favorite videos to your device using this internet downloader.

Download the video to your device by copying the URL and pasting it into our Facebook video downloader, whether you’re on a smartphone or a desktop.

Let us guide and make you understand in detail.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I save Facebook videos to my computer?

Yes, any Facebook user can download content that is available in the public domain or on non-private profiles.

How can I use the tool to get free Facebook downloads?

The video downloader is completely free of charge and simple to use. To get your hands on any social media content, follow these three steps.
#1 Go to Facebook and look for the stuff you want to preserve. At the top right corner, tap the three dots.
#2 Copy the video URL from Facebook and paste it into the video downloader.
#3 Select a folder to store it as a file on your device by tapping download.

How good will the video quality be when I download it from Facebook?

The downloader will save the videos in the highest possible quality. If the video was submitted in such high resolution, it could even save it directly from Facebook in full HD, 4K format. Downloads in MP4 format are also available.

Can I use this tool to download a video from any device?

Use whichever device you like! The Facebook video downloader works on all platforms and operating systems, including Android, iOS, Xiaomi, Mac, Windows, and Macintosh.

Can I download live streaming videos from Facebook?

You cannot download the live video streaming if it is not completed. You must wait until the live streaming has finished and has been saved on Facebook. It will only be accessible for download once it has been saved.

Is the Facebook video downloader free?

Yes! You can use our FB video downloader online for free. Our tool is a great web-based application whether you download it or use it online! What makes us the best is that this tool is easy to use and so accessible.

What OS can I use to download Facebook videos?

For downloading Facebook posts, any operating system (iOS, Android, Linux, etc.) with a browser installed can be used. If you want to download huge movie or photo files, make sure your device has enough capacity, then just copy and paste the URL and hit the download button.

Can we download multiple videos at a time with a video downloader?

You can’t, unfortunately! The video downloader will only allow you to download one video at a time. We recommend generating a document with all of your URLs copied and then putting them into our Fb Video Downloader one by one. You’ll also have the option of not missing any of the Instagram posts you wish to save.

Does Facebook downloader work on private accounts?

No, you cannot legally download videos from private accounts. You can only save material from open, public accounts.

Where can I find all saved Facebook videos?

In the Downloads folder on your PC (Windows, Mac, or iOS), you’ll find all of your previous videos. The same is true for phone storage. In addition, saved movies will be accessible in your Gallery right away.

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