How Much You Can Earn From One Viral Youtube Video

If you are a rookie YouTuber who wants to make it big in this field, you must have searched or thought about making those viral youtube videos. Viral Videos like the baby shark (most viewed video on Youtube) or scared paragliding man from India bring in one question to mine: How much did the channel […]

Top 5 Tips for the Downloading and Installation of a Software Securely

Anyone using a PC or a laptop has to download some software online at some point in time. If you plan to purchase all this software via CDs(which will be almost impossible in the near future), you need to now conduct your downloads online. The software programs come with a bunch of files- executable files, […]

Top 5 Free Subtitle Tools- Subtitle Maker, Translator, Editor, and Downloader

What’s the most prominent and euphonic quote these days? The answer must vary drastically but let me fill you with something that will definitely sound pleasant to your ears- “Netflix and Chill.”That sounds just relaxing to a whole new level. In the world of hectic schedules and tedious routines, sitting lazily on your sofa with […]

Top 5 Tools for Embedding Instagram Feed on Your Website

When we talk about social media, no one can miss Facebook and Instagram. Both of these social media platforms have seen tremendous growth over the last two decades and have gone from a few thousand to more than a billion registered users on each. According to the business insider news outlet, Facebook saw its peak […]

How to Download Movies and Burn Them Into DVD’s

DVDs are becoming less popular as the entertainment industry shifts to digital watching. As a result, many users prefer to download movies from the Internet and then burn them on DVDs using common DVD burning software. However, many users choose to preserve a DVD library of their favorite movies for various reasons, including offline viewing, […]

Top 5 Playlist for Your Road Trips

Road trips have proven to be the best way to explore the unknown, both within you and the outside world. Not only does it enable you to customize your itinerary the way you want, but also it gives you the freedom to visit places of your choice and spend as much time as you want […]

7 Ways to Improve Your iPhone Photography Skills

The iPhone, which is also known as the first generation phone which was designed and marketed by Apple Inc., was officially launched in the United States. The making of the iPhone was being conducted in secrecy. Its design is very unique, which includes only a few physical buttons and a touch screen, unlike other Smartphones. […]

Best Meme Generators 2021

Meme, this word has been on everyone’s lips recently. But what is a meme? A picture, video, or any form of media created to make people laugh and with some humor can be termed a meme. Memes are extremely popular online and have generated a huge fan base. There are entire Instagram and Facebook pages […]

Top 5 Suggestions for Downloading Huge Files

In most situations, downloading files is as simple as clicking on a link and waiting for the process to finish. However, there are times when downloads are disrupted, resulting in an unusable file on your computer that you can’t do anything with. In some cases, the file might never finish downloading. Here’s where a download […]