The Best Ways to Include an Instagram Feed on Your Website
October 12, 2021

The Best Ways to Include an Instagram Feed on Your Website

There are many free ways to get your content onto the internet. Instagram is one of those methods, and it’s perfect for digital writers who want an entertaining way to connect with their audience! Now, visitors don’t have to wait around while they sync each update individually- not when there are over 400 million people following posts daily on just one platform alone (Instagram)! In this article, we’ll talk about how you can embed any feed into your website using Instagram embedding options, HTML code, WordPress, and Weebly.

Include an Instagram Feed on Your Website
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Syncing makes things easier by allowing users to instantly view updates at all times instead of waiting hours or days between viewing them. It also makes sure everything stays fresh since older photos won’t start disappearing anytime soon after posting something new anymore.

Why should you embed an Instagram feed on your website?

An Instagram feed on a website is an excellent way to stay updated with what customers are interested in, and it also shows off your work. Some small businesses found using Instagram tricky due to its algorithm changes. But now, simply linking from another site such as LinkedIn (or Pinterest) can give them what they need: Profile visits so that number grows again soon enough!

A customer testimonial in the form of an Instagram comment is a great way to build trust with clients and customers.

How to embed an Instagram feed on your website?

If you are wondering how to embed an Instagram feed on your website, there is a simple process. You can use widgets and plugins for this purpose since they help update the latest posts from time to time when adding new ones into it!

Some of the ways to embed an Instagram feed on your website:

Through Instagram embedding option:

Instagram allows users to embed an entire gallery of their favorite posts onto your website for free and with just one click. With the new feature, you can allow visitors who have never seen or been a part of this community before to get an inside look at what it feels like right away!

  • It is easy to embed an Instagram feed on your website. The following are the steps you need to follow:
  • First, log into Facebook and go onto the page where you want this post displayed.
  • Then, select a single post from that person’s timeline or public profile picture.
  • When it appears as if everything has been set up correctly, click on its name at the top right corner (there should also be three dots).
  • Copy down any generated code with no spaces between words (“code”) before pasting it at the end of the page you want to display it in.

The Instagram embedded widget is a simple way to incorporate your feed into the design of any website. It’s easy and quick but not as customizable or interactive as other platforms like Twitter embeds, which can be used for live updates.

Embedding an Instagram feed in HTML:

If you don’t want to use plugins, embed an Instagram feed on your website using HTML code. However, the full Instagram media is not available because it works post-by-post and only displays interactions with posts from other users and their profile handles so that they can own their social content too!

To embed an Instagram feed on your website:

  • First, log into the Web browser version of your account and go to “your profile.”
  • From there, select which post you want to be put onto it.
  • Clicking through will show up as three dots in a corner top right where clicking takes us back out again but not before copying those codes provided for use with any social media site; they’re especially useful if there’s no such thing at hand!
  • Paste it where you want the post to appear.

How to embed an Instagram feed on WordPress?

There’s a built-in plugin for this! You can find it in WordPress’ Plugins menu. Just click “Add New” and select “Instagram”.

Then, follow the steps that appear when you enter your user credentials with one exception: don’t check “Activate This Plugin Using Canonical Links Only.” This is because we want our site visitors to get all of their content from us instead of having them redirected elsewhere if they visit via desktop or mobile browser, respectively. Otherwise, go ahead and finish installing these simple tools so we may begin using them right away (you’ll need administrator privileges too).

Integrate is a fantastic social media plugin that creates impressive features. For example, you can use Integrated to create website posts and even buy this plugin in Pro mode!

Want to add an Instagram feed to your website?

Weebly is a popular web hosting platform that has excellent features, and it’s easy for beginners. Here are some steps if you use this service!

  • First, find the tool that will work well with what kind of account setup (SnapWidget or Elfsight).
  • Next, pick out how many posts appear per page by selecting 1-5 from multiple options.
  • After these have been chosen, select their format(s) specifically:
  • [square], image only square picture without vertical text stretch; short vertically aligned texts centered inside lines, etc.
  • Click on ‘get widget’ and copy the code.
  • Then, go to your Weebly and edit your post by adding the code wherever you want to show your post on your site.
  • Paste the code by the widget and publish your site.

How to embed an Instagram feed on Squarespace? Here’s how!

  • Open the page editor and then click “Add block.”
  • Next, select Embed > Insta button(Stripes).
  • Copy/paste your desired Instagram post into that box.
  • Once you’ve done this, pressing set will publish any changes made in a matter of seconds (you can also do this through settings if preferred).

Bottom line:

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful and that they’ll help make your Instagram feed more interesting. Follow the ways mentioned here, and you’ll no longer struggle to find the right way to embed your Instagram feed.