Best Meme Generators 2021
October 6, 2021

Best Meme Generators 2021

Meme, this word has been on everyone’s lips recently. But what is a meme? A picture, video, or any form of media created to make people laugh and with some humor can be termed a meme. Memes are extremely popular online and have generated a huge fan base. There are entire Instagram and Facebook pages dedicated to memes so that they can get more followers. Memes can be about any topic ranging from school life to celebrities to politics to sports. They are attractive, funny, comical, and catch everyone’s eyes.

Various businesses these days hire people who are good at making memes because memes can undoubtedly increase the website traffic, revenue, and visitors any page gets. It’s the same case with individuals trying to open their meme page on Instagram or Facebook to make people laugh and gain fame. You might be thinking by this point what gadgets or tools are exactly required to complete the so-called ‘memes.’ Well, wonder no more because today we bring for you the top 10 meme generators you can use to create memes for your business or yourself:-

1. Meme generator zombodroid:-

Meme generator by zombodroid is the best meme generator available on the play store. With over 10 million+ downloaders and an average review rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, it had to stand out. Meme generator offers a very simple and user-friendly interface with an entire arsenal of tools you can use to create a meme based on your preference.

Meme generator zombodroid
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You simply click on the create button and then either choose a pre-downloaded meme template, or you can upload your photos to turn them into memes. It even allows you to make stickers out of the photos in your gallery for additional content that can be used in your memes. Apart from that, it comes with over 100 pre-downloaded meme templates, which are for sure going to make you stick with it.

2. Filmora meme generator:-

Filmora meme generator is not an app but an online webpage you can use to design and create your memes. A super simple user interface allows you to make memes effortlessly using a simple drag-down feature that picks images from your computer or phone to create a meme.

Filmora meme generator
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It can work with photos, videos, GIFs and offers a wide array of tools you can use to make your memes even funnier. It allows character optimization and editing, along with that it also allows you to place your text anywhere on the meme.

3. Canva:-

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One of the most popular image editing tools available online, canva makes a solid entry on the third place of our list. On the play store, canva has managed to get over 100 million+ downloads which is a massive number, and it still has an average 4.7 rating, which sort of guarantees customer satisfaction. Canva is an image editing software that can be used to create memes as well. It has an entire plethora of pre-downloaded images, which you can use to create your memes, or you can choose the add option to insert your photos to edit. It also has tons of filters that can give that aesthetic look to your memes, and it allows for text editing, which can make your memes look way better.

4. Quickmeme:-

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Quickmeme is a relatively newer and much simpler meme generator. It has an interface built for someone who doesn’t require much editing but wants a simple experience with creating memes. You can log in with your Facebook account on Quickmeme and then create the memes which you want. It’s free of cost and has a featured memes section that tells you about the most recent and trendy memes.

5. Kapwing:-

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The only word that can describe the services offered by kapwing is excellent, Kapwing is an online web-based meme generator. It has features available for photos, videos, GIFs and offers features like added text, timeframes, etc. Kapwings user interface is a bit hard to understand, which drops its rating a bit but do not underestimate its features because it offers you one of the biggest toolsets you can use.

6. Meme creator:-

Meme creator

Meme creator is one of the famous apps available on the play store for the meme business. With over 5 million downloads and an average rating of 3.6, it has established a strong foothold. It enables you to choose from over 600 pre-downloaded memes, several fonts, choose pictures from your gallery to edit and make memes with, manage a list of your memes, and many others.

7. Make a meme:-

Make a meme

Make a meme is an online web-based meme generator. It provides you with the latest meme templates, which you can choose from as soon you open their website. It also permits you to upload your pictures and edit them. You can easily add text anywhere on your memes using this app.

8. IMG flip:-

IMG flip

IMG flip is one of the famous online web-based meme generators. It gives a varied set of tools like a text editor, font changer, and pre-available memes, which you can use to make your work easier. However, one of the setbacks from this website is that it leaves a watermark on your memes which can only be removed if you buy the premium version for $3.85 a month.

9. Live meme:-

Live meme

Live meme is a recently launched web-based meme generator. It has a text editor that can change the color, font, and size of your text and the other simple tools it provides you with. The various features of Live memes include a set of pre-available popular memes, sharing memes easily, and using your photos to generate memes.

10. Imgur:-

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Imgur is an online image sharing and hosting platform where people connect worldwide to share their images, but it has a unique in-built meme creating a feature that can be used to create memes in an instant. It offers quick service, and you can share your memes easily using it.